Trekking to harsher fort 2022

The hike to Harihar Fort is easy and you will reach the fort in just over two hours. You can start from Nirgudpada, a village about 5 KM from Kasara. This village has lodging facilities and food stalls. You can also start your trek from the road that leads to Trimbak-Igatpuri.

Harihar Fort is a small triangular mountain located about 48 kilometers from Igatpuri, Maharashtra. It is an easy climb, as the mountain is not too steep. There are two routes leading to the fort. You can take the shorter one, which joins the ridge and passes under Scottish Kada. This trek is longer, but the trail is not as steep as the shorter one.

For those interested in history, a trek to Harihar fort is the perfect way to get to know the region’s past. This historic site is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. It is a must-see destination for any history lover or traveler who is looking to experience a different side of Maharashtra.

There are two entrance gates to the fort. The first one has a data and a small shop. You can also stop at some shacks along the way to get some snacks or water. During the monsoon season, you may find it difficult to see arrows and may have to rely on a GPS device to guide you. Also, be sure to take proper precautions as the stairs are slippery.

The Harihar fort is located in the Trimbakeshwar range of mountains. The fort is accessible by a steep 80-degree staircase cut into the rocks. This means that it is a great place for hiking and trekking. It is a fantastic place for outdoor activities, but the fort is difficult to conquer.

You can get to the fort from Nashik by public transport. The journey takes about an hour and a half. You can hire a private vehicle if you do not wish to take public transportation. You can also use a cab to the fort from Igatpuri.

Harihar Fort is a historical site located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. It is a popular destination for nature lovers and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape. The trek can be quite challenging, but the breathtaking views are worth it.


If you are looking for a place to visit that offers panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, Harihar Fort is a must see. The fort was designed by Captain Briggs and still has a stunning structure. The fort is accessible from halfway up the hill and has a few wells and houses for the Garrison. The fort is also open to visitors.

The entrance to the fort is accessible throughout the year, though summer and winter are the best times to visit. To access the fort, hikers should start their trek before the sun rises. Experienced trekkers can start early in the morning and return to their hotel by late afternoon.

Harihar fort is a triangular rock formation about 48 km from Igatpuri, Maharashtra. It’s relatively easy to climb, with just a few steep sections. For those who don’t want to climb for very long, there is also a shorter route called Trimbak Fata, which starts at a village called Harshewadi and follows a ridge to a small hut. The trek is longer than the shorter routes, but the steepness of the terrain isn’t that extreme.

Getting to the fort can be a challenge if you don’t have a fear of heights. This ancient fort is about 1120 m above sea level, and it’s accessible by a staircase made of rock. The stairs are 80 degrees steep and feature niches for a secure grip. During your climb, don’t forget to look forward – you’ll be rewarded with a spectacular view.

If you’re in the mood for adventure, a visit to the Harihar Fort is a must! Located in the Trimbakeshwar Mountain Range of the Western Ghats, this ancient fort was important to protect the Gonda Ghat trade route. A visit to the fort is worth the trek and can be completed in less than three hours.

Getting to the fort can be challenging, but it is well worth the effort. There are several places close by to hike or visit. It is close to the Bhaskargad temple and Dugarwadi Waterfall. It is also within a two-hour drive from the Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple. Also, there’re the Anjaneri fort, Brahmagiri hill, and Utwad fort, which are all popular tourist attractions in the region.


Harihar fort is located forty kilometers from Nashik city. It is also about forty kilometers from Igatpuri and Ghoti. It is one of the major forts in Nashik district. It was originally built to look over the Gonda Ghat trade route. Today, the fort is a popular tourist destination.

The fort has nearly 200 steps that are nearly vertical. The ridge that leads to the fort has stalls that sell bottled water and packed food. It is not recommended that you drink the water as the cisterns are not potable. In case of emergency, villagers are willing to offer lodging to you.

The fort is open year-round, though winter and summer are the most popular seasons. To get the most out of your trip, make sure to plan your visit during the off-peak seasons. You can also go camping in the village nearby. You can even bring your own tent if you prefer.

Harihar fort is impressive from any angle. You can climb the steps to visit the three sacred idols that stand on top of the fort. It has been a sacred site since the time of the Yadava dynasty. Attractive architecture and a great view make this fort worth visiting.

During the winter season, November to February, the fort is not as crowded. Weekends, however, are busy. The view from the top is spectacular but there are slippery steps and rain may cloud the view. You may not want to visit during the summer months, as the temperatures can be very high.


The district administration has taken measures to ensure the safety of tourists visiting the Harihar fort. The fort is a popular tourist destination, and on weekends, the fort attracts huge crowds. However, it is still important to take precautions, especially since it is surrounded by thick moss. The forest department is also considering installing ropes on the stairs to prevent people from slipping.

The Harihar fort is a rock-cut fortress located in the Nashik district of Maharashtra. The fort was built in the 16th century to keep a watch on the Gonda Ghat trade route. The fort features a famous rock-cut staircase, which attracts tourists from various levels. The fort’s walls are also adorned with rock-cut windows and rock formations.

The fort is located approximately 40 km from Nashik city. Visitors can reach the base village of Harihar fort by sharing jeeps. Buses are not available at this time. Although it looks rectangular from the base village, it is actually a triangular prism of rock. Two of its edges are at ninety degrees and the third edge toward the west is about seventy degrees. Inside, the fort has a staircase one meter wide. The staircase is lined with niches.

While the fort is accessible throughout the year, the best time to visit is in June or February. Visitors should begin their trip before the sun comes up, so that they can enjoy the cool temperatures and greenery. If you plan to spend the night in the fort, you should start the trek early in the morning and return later in the afternoon.

There are cabs available from the railway station that stops at the base village of the fort. You can also take a bus from Nashik to the fort base village. This is the cheapest way to reach the fort. This is an excellent option for visitors who want to experience the fort without spending a fortune on travel.

Harihar Fort Trek

The Harihar fort trek is a fascinating activity that allows you to explore an ancient Indian fort. You can go to the fort to enjoy the majestic views of the surrounding lakes, peaks, and forests. This trek is best done at night, when the temperatures are cooler. The jungle forest can be prone to forest fires during the hottest part of the year.

Harihar Fort Trek Highlights

When visiting Harihar Fort, you must know what to expect from this popular trekking route. It is considered one of the most dangerous forts in India. Also, make sure to see the Sahyadri bill, which is a sacred location and a beautiful waterfall.

This enchanting trek begins with a climb up the 117 steep steps. Each step is one meter wide and has a niche for your feet. The staircase is carved from the rock, with two vertical sides and one 75-degreedegree angle. Upon reaching the top, you’ll be greeted with a view of the valley below.

The steep climb to the top of Harihar fort is the most adventurous part of the trek. It’s not easy, especially when the path has been cut into the rock. You’ll need to be in good physical shape to tackle the steep steps, and it’s recommended that you have experience with climbing and mountaineering before undertaking this trek.

Harihar Fort Trek Overview

If you’re looking for an amazing adventure in India, then you might consider the Harihar Fort Trek. This fort is considered one of the most dangerous in India and is surrounded by stunning natural beauty. Its main attraction is the Sahyadri skills, a gorgeous waterfall, and a sacred site. To get the most out of this trip, you’ll want to start early in the morning.

The Harihar Fort Trek starts from the base village of Nirug Pada, which is just 40 kilometers from the city of Nashik. The trek will take approximately two hours to complete. You’ll be staying in a nearby village that has accommodations, food, and drinking water. The route to the fort will take about an hour and a half. You’ll be required to finish your trek before 3 pm, as public transportation will be unavailable after that.

From the base village, the Harihar Fort looks like a rectangular structure. However, it’s actually built on a triangular prism of rock. The top side of the fort has three faces, two at 90 degrees and the bottom face is at 75 degrees. The staircase to the fort has a one-meter-wide rocky staircase and niches in it.

Harihar Fort Trek FAQs

If you’re planning a trip to the Harihar Fort in Maharashtra, you may have questions about the trek. For starters, you should know that it’s not an easy hike. The Harihar Fort is located at an elevation of 3500 feet, and you’ll be walking along nearly vertical drops. You should be sure to keep your eyes forward for safety reasons. Also, it’s important to remember that you don’t need permission from the forest department to do this trek.

From the base village, the Harihar Fort appears rectangular, but it’s actually built on a triangular prism of rock. This triangular rock formation is what makes it so unique. This feature gives the fort its distinctive look and is the highlight of the trek. You’ll also enjoy the spectacular views of the area. The trek begins in a village with good water facilities and ends at the fort, which is about 13 km away from Trymbakeshwar.

The Harihar Fort is located in the Trimbakeshwar Mountain Range, a section of the Western Ghats. It was built during the Yadava and Seuna dynasties and was important for protecting the Gonda Ghat trade route.

Harihar Trek Details or Harihar Fort Information

If you want to get a bird’s eye view of the surrounding Sahyadri range, Harihar Fort is the place to go. The fort was constructed on a steep rock face 90 degrees from sea level. Climbing up to the fort is not an easy task. It involves a steep rocky staircase and narrow ledges to hold onto. The fort has a 360-degree view of the Sahyadri range and is particularly stunning in monsoon.

You must start your trek early in the morning to witness the sunrise at the fort. You can hire a guide from the village at the base to help you with the trek. You can also spend the night on the fort if you wish. Otherwise, you can spend the night at a local’s home, if you wish to.

For the trek to Harihar Fort, you should know that there are two routes that start from villages with good roads and public transport. If you choose to travel by car, you can set up Google Maps navigation to reach the fort. You can easily reach Harihar Fort by road from Nashik or Mumbai.

Harihar Fort Detailed Information

If you’re looking for an adventure-filled holiday in Nashik, the Harihar Fort is a must-see destination. This fort is the former residence of Maharashtra’s Yadava rulers and is full of history. This fort offers trekkers a variety of experiences that will leave them feeling inspired and refreshed.

There are two main routes to Harihar Fort. Both start at villages that are easily accessible by public transport and have wide roads. If you’re traveling on your own, you can use Google maps to find the best route to the fort. Once you’re at the fort, you’ll need to trek through fields and a few steep paths that can be up to 80 degrees.

Harihar Fort is an ancient fort that was captured by British forces in 1818. It was built to protect the Gonda Ghat trade route, and was used by the Yadavas and Mughals for a time. It was also captured by the Marathas in 1670 and by the British in 1818. British commander Captain Briggs originally planned to demolish the fort’s main entrance, but later changed his mind after seeing the steep cut stairs. Despite this, the fort survived the British occupation and is one of the few that was not destroyed.

Interesting Harihar fort history

Harihar fort is located on the slopes of the western Ghats and has an interesting history. It was a fortress built to guard the route of trade through Gonda Ghat. The structure has many large and small entrances, water pools, and Hanumanji temples. Visiting this fort is a great adventure and will give you a feeling of awe.

In the past, Harihar fort was captured by several invaders and local rulers. Eventually, it fell under the control of the British army. This fort was taken over by the local ruler Khan Zamam in 1636 and then by the British in 1818. Although the fort is no longer inhabited, it has a lot to offer visitors. It includes a series of rock-cut water cisterns located in the middle of the fort. The fort also has small temples of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva.

Harihar fort was originally built by a descendant of the Yadava Empire to protect the Gonda Ghat trade route. It later fell under the control of the Nizamshahi, an Ahmadnagar Sultan, and later, Shahaji Raje Bhosale Maharaj. In 1818, the British captured Trimbak and Harihar fort along with 17 other forts.

Harihar Trek Trail Brief Information

The Harihar Fort Trek is one of the most difficult treks in Maharashtra. It is located just 40 km from the city of Nashik. You can reach the fort from two bases: Nirug Pada and Bhaskargad. The fort is situated on a hilltop and was built in the 12th century, guarding the Gonda Ghat trade route. The fort features a 60-meter-high pinnacle. Access to the fort is made easy by rock-cut steps. The Harihar Fort Trek is an adventure for those who want to experience something new and exciting.

The fort has historical significance as it was built during the Yadava dynasty to watch over the Gonda Ghat trade route. The fort is home to two historic structures – a Hanuman Temple and a Shiva Temple – as well as several water cisterns and one storage house. From the base village, the fort is 3.5 km away. Taking the Harihar Fort Trek Trail will allow you to enjoy panoramic views of Nashik and the surrounding countryside.

The trek to the fort is a challenging adventure that takes you up over two hundred feet of rock-cut steps. You can purchase food and bottled water at the ridge. There are also villagers in the surrounding village who can provide accomodation in case you run out of water.

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